Welcome to CrossFit LifeLine in Auburn Washington

Whether you are an experienced CrossFitter or you are new to CrossFit, CrossFit LifeLine has what you need to reach your fitness goals. CrossFit LifeLine’s fitness programming is designed to increase your overall fitness and help you to function better in your day to day activities. ¬†Lifting, moving, playing, squating, and jumping are all things we do every day. Come check us out to see how we can improve your fitness and help you reach your goals.

If you are still not quite sure if CrossFit LifeLine is for you, drop by the gym and talk with one of our trainers and watch one of our classes in action.

Why CrossFit LifeLine?

CrossFit LifeLine provides you with the personal training you need in a group environment. We don’t believe anyone should spend hours and hours in a gym with headphones on a piece of equipment isolating themselves from the world. We believe in bringing people together in a positive and supportive atmosphere that encourages you to give it your all. It’s an amazing feeling to walk into a gym and every single person knows your name and is excited to see you! Join CrossFit LifeLine and you join more than just another gym … you join a COMMUNITY!!


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